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At #eidas24 you will experience a diverse programme of interactive workshops, insightful keynotes, best practice examples and concrete recommendations for action from across the EU. Discover technology trends, discuss the eIDAS Regulation and expand your network. 

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Best practices for Trust Services

Electronic signatures, time stamps, delivery services and certificates: trust services enable the digitalisation of paper-based processes and thus create the basis for intelligent electronic workflows. At #eidas24, you will learn about various trust services and specific use cases to realise the digital transformation in your company securely, quickly and efficiently.




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Digital Identities & ID Wallet

How do we actually digitise a passport and wallet? And what potential does digital identity hold for the industry? The ID wallet is a digital wallet for self-managed identities that can be used to identify yourself without cards or papers, for example when checking into a hotel or having your driving licence checked. At #eidas24, we will discuss how the new eIDAS regulation can transform various sectors of the economy, administration and society.






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Use cases

Different industries are discovering digital identities for their processes and defining how their use can maximise the benefits for their sector. What are the possible applications of digital identities in different industries? At #eidas24, you can find out what opportunities and prospects this opens up for companies and how exactly tech trends and eIDAS tools can be combined for more efficient business processes.