Digitise business & processes securely – with the successful application of the eIDAS regulation


Digital processes have become an integral part of our lives and are the key to efficient companies and a functioning administration. It is therefore essential that they can be used not only quickly and easily, but also securely and confidentially. In order to benefit from the European single market, companies and employees in particular must be able to act independently of location and across national borders. This is exactly what the eIDAS Regulation regulates: companies can use electronic means of identification and trust services to exchange digital documents such as offers, orders and contracts in a legally secure, efficient and transparent manner within the EU and thus conduct business. There are great opportunities and new development possibilities for business and public administration.

How the digitalisation of paper-based transactions, operational procedures and business processes can be successfully implemented will be discussed at the Bitkom eIDAS Summit. Germany's leading conference around Digital Trust & Identity brings together experts from politics, business and technology for a digital, cross-sector and interactive exchange on 10 May 2023

At #eidas23 you will experience a diverse programme of interactive workshops, insightful keynotes, best practice examples and concrete recommendations for action from across the EU. Discover technology trends, discuss the eIDAS Regulation and expand your network.

Find out which tools and know-how are needed to digitise and automate analogue processes in companies in the future at our partner conference - Digital Office Conference, which will take place on 11 May 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!  


Rebekka Weiß
Rebekka Weiß
Head of Trust & Security
Bitkom e.V.
Clemens Schleupner
Clemens Schleupner
Policy Officer Digital Identity & Trust Services




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Best practices for Trust Services

Electronic signatures, time stamps, delivery services and certificates: trust services enable the digitalisation of paper-based processes and thus create the basis for intelligent electronic workflows. At the #eidas23, you will learn about different trust services and concrete use cases to realise the digital transformation in your company securely, quickly and efficiently.




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Digital Identities & ID Wallet

How do we actually digitise the ID card and the wallet? And what potential does digital identity hold for the industry? The ID Wallet is a digital wallet for self-managed identities to identify oneself without cards and papers, for example when checking into a hotel or checking one's driving licence. At the eIDAS Summit, we will discuss what the wallet looks like and what it can do, as well as the potentials and challenges associated with the topic of digital identity.






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Technology trends

Whether cloud, blockchain or cryptography: new technologies are shaping our future and shaping business processes. Find out at #eidas23 which opportunities and perspectives this opens up for companies, and how exactly tech trends and eIDAS tools can be combined for more efficient business processes.




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